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And he does the exercises individually and at his own expense also seeks to participate in various battles that are held at the local level and at the international level on his own initiative to achieve his dream and reach the global aspiration, and always offers the best to the end and shows it Especially in all the battles in which he participates, as he plays professionally and confident in himself, provoking his opponent and making him a source of concern for all who will face him.

My Story


Hamza Hamry was born on January 12, 1995 in Tunisia (Kairouan) & This is his official page where you can communicate with him and follow his own training .

Where he grew up and raised on the rules of judo, which he practiced since childhood about ten years and still continue training to today and is one of the most serious sports .. But in the meantime discovered the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) where he liked, he decided to add to his career as it An important sport based on the combination of martial arts, it will add to his career especially that he has a high technology and became a professional in martial arts ..

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